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Business and Sustainability Reading

Sustainable Enterprise Web Resources
A collection of implementation companies, associations, networks, and certification resources.

Sustainable Enterprise Bibliography
Our favorite books pertaining to organizational sustainability and the triple bottom line.

Some Good News on the Corporate Front • Timeline #73 January/February 2004
With all the news about corporate corruption—accounting scandals, outright theft by senior officers, political contributions made to get relaxation of environmental and other restrictions—it’s nice to hear that some companies are doing things right. Here is a report on efforts to achieve sustainability on the part of several major silicon valley firms.

The New Economy of Nature: The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable • Timeline #66 November/December 2002
Review of the book authored by Gretchen Daily and Katherine Ellison noting that, whether we like it or not, we need to put a price tag on Nature to get the attention of decision-makers who live in a wholly economic world. Includes success stories showing that "good economic policy is always good environmental policy."

A Truly Sophisticated Economy Would Pursue More Than One Goal • Timeline #64 July/August 2002
An editorial by Beth Sawin of the Sustainability Institute on the crisis of an economy "which operates with insufficient information and a fundamental inability to pursue any goal beyond price." Her theme: "Instead of exhausting ourselves pushing against such a system, perhaps it is time to redesign it."

The End of Our War Against the Earth • Timeline #59 September/October 2001
Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute describe the Second Industrial Revolution and its four principles: Radical Resource Productivity, Biomimicry, the Service-and-Flow Economy, and Reinvesting in Natural Capital. Includes information on the Hypercar being developed by the Lovins.

Solar Power Shines • Timeline #59 September/October 2001
How a hardware store installed a 30 kW photovoltaic solar system on its roof, taking advantage of a 50 percent rebate from the city utility, ending up doubling its hardware store business while saving $6000 on its first month’s electric bill. Also describes how a group of hardware dealers work to help the ACE chain “go green.”

Book Review: Profit Beyond Measure • Timeline #59 September/October 2001
by H. Thomas Johnson and Anders Broms. Describes a shift in management methods from managing by results to managing by means using Toyota and Scania, a Swedish truck manufacturer, as examples. Discusses the three principles these companies use to improve their production processes.

William McDonough on Designing the Next Industrial Revolution • Timeline #58 July / August 2001
Excerpts of a talk by this noted designer outlining what an industrial system for world culture would be like that allows humanity and nature to coexist.

Five Strategies for Reinvention in Business • Timeline #58 July / August 2001
Jacquelyn Ottman, president of a consulting firm that advises companies on "eco-innovation," presents a new model for developing better products, one based on sustainability.

Biotech is Pushing the Possibilities Past the Breaking Point • Timeline #58 July / August 2001
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An editorial by Tom Abate, who covers the news that streams from the biotechnology industry for The San Francisco Chronicle.

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