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Order "A Walk Through Time" book for $25 for first copy, $23.50 for 2-5 copies or just $22 for six or more.

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Single copy: $25.00

2-5 copies: $23.50 each

6 or more: $22.00 each

A Walk Through Time... from stardust to us
224 Pages, Hardcover, Page Size 8"x10"

ISBN 0-471-31700-4

Published by John Wiley & Sons
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY

Authors's Biographies

Imagine a walk where every step forward transports you a few million years in time. Just such a mind-expanding premise inspired this landmark book from the acclaimed "Walk Through Time" exhibit on tour around the world.

In the book, the text of the exhibition runs along the bottom of the pages, along with a timeline to show how many millions of years have passed. Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated, A Walk Through Time allows you to both savor the astonishing story of life's evolution through the engaging narrative of the main text and to enjoy the exhibition in the comfort of your own home.

"A valuable new way to conceive of the immensity of geological time and of organic evolution that has occurred within it and life on Earth. It has broad appeal to the public and will be a useful guide for science educators as well."
      - E.O. Wilson

"An inspired collaboration among the corporate and nonprofit sectors, futurists, and scientists, the Walk Through Time project--both the exhibit and the book--helps us understand our world in its largest context as we navigate the next thousand feet along the cosmic timeline."
      - Peter Senge, M.I.T.

"My Walk Through Time was an unforgettable experience, awe inspiring and humbling. The beautifully designed panels lead from the fiery birth of our planet through many millions of years to the miracle of first life, and through the millions more during which those first simple living specks gradually evolved into increasingly complex and diverse forms of life as we know it today. The commentary that guides us is rich in scientific fact and, unexpectedly, exquisite humor.

"My overall impression? The experience of the Walk and the book gives us an appreciation of the extraordinary human brains that have unlocked so many secrets of the past; of the magnificence of the natural word; of our urgent need, as we enter the new Millennium, to use the human intellect to try to heal some of the scars we have inflicted on our planet during the few moments since our species first appeared in the web of life."
      - Dr. Jane Goodall, The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation

"A Walk Through Time is a valuable new way to conceive of the immensity of geological time and of organic evolution that has occurred within it. It has broad appeal to the public and will be a useful guide for science educators as well."
      - Professor Edward Osborne Wilson, Pellegrino University Research Professor and Honorary Curator in Entomology, Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology

"The human adventure has something to do with our recovering — together — a sense of both amazement and gratitude at the gift of life. When readers take this Walk Through Time, they will find themselves as actors in a larger reality beyond their imagination. Insofar as we can all join together on this journey of discovery there will be peace on earth."
      - The Very Reverend Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

"I had the good fortune to experience the one-mile-long Walk Through Time on the streets of San Francisco. Its innovative presentation of the story of the evolution of life left me exhilarated, awed, and humbled. This book will be wonderful for those who may never get to the mile-long exhibit. It will be a grand memento for those that do. God speed as the Walk sweeps the world."
      - Willie L. Brown, Jr., Mayor, City of San Francisco

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