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Images from the Walk Through TimeImagine taking a one-mile walk where every step transports you a million years in time! A Walk Through Time from stardust to us takes you on just such a journey. In a series of 90 panels of text and illustrations, this innovative traveling exhibit tells the story of life's five-billion-year evolution. Developed at Hewlett Packard Labs and gifted to the Foundation for Global Community, this beautiful and awe-inspiring experience is being presented throughout the world so that organizations and individuals can use it as a meaningful context for identifying and addressing the most critical issues of the future.

The Walk Through Time Online offers those who are unable to visit the physical exhibit an opportunity to experience this dramatic story. The virtual experience has been specially formatted to offer online visitors a compelling interaction with the material contained in the original 90-panel exhibit.

Walk Through Time exhibits have been shown around the world—in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas—and the text has been translated into German and Spanish. Businesses, communities, conferences, institutions, museums, universities, and others have displayed or purchased copies of the Walk for both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Present and future generations visiting the Walk (photo, courtesy of HP Labs)The Walk Through Time experience is also available in a book. Published in 1998, this 224-page hardcover edition spans five billion years of evolution and contains more than 130 colorful illustrations. The book features an absorbing narrative written by mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme and evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris and includes the timeline of key stages in the evolutionary drama that is presented in the physical exhibit.

From the dream of Stanford researcher Dr. Sidney Liebes, to its creation at HP Labs, and to its dissemination by the Foundation for Global Community, the Walk Through Time has had its own amazing evolution. You are welcome to explore its history.

We invite you to use the remarkable experience of A Walk Through Time in a conference or event you are planning. If you are interested in further information, contact us.

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