A Walk Through Time


Origin of the Walk Through Time — from stardust to us
The original one-mile Walk Through Time ... from stardust to us was created by the employees of the Hewlett-Packard Company under the Company's sponsorship. It was first presented as part of HP Laboratories' Celebration of Creativity on Earth Day, 22 April 1997, at the HP Laboratories sites in Palo Alto, California; Bristol, England; and Tokyo, Japan.

Original concept of one-mile Walk Through Time: Sid Liebes

Sponsor of HP Laboratories Walk Through Time: Joel Birnbaum

Project leaders of HP's Walk Through Time: Sid Liebes, Laurie Mittelstadt, Barbara Waugh

Walk Through Time research and text composition: Lois Brynes (Deep-Time Associates)

Project Contributors:
Geoff Ainscow
Cindy Alfieiri
Wally Austin
Brian Barry
Betty Belloli
Jean-FranVois Berche
Sally Cohn Berche
Steve Bicker
Gail Burke
Jackie Burleigh
Aleta Chandra
Cy Class
Maria Colin
Peter Cook
Wayne Davies
Chris de Vos
Jasmale Dhillon
Don Dunphy
Dennis Freeze
Nancy Freeze
Toshio Fujiwara
Joan Gallicano
Henrietta Gamino
Bill Gibson
Ruth Gilombardo
Caitlin Hall
Lorene Hall
Sharon Hanrahan
Ian Hardcastle
Pat Ichelson
Tak Kamae
Ed Karrer
Barbara Keen
Rhonda Kirk
Michi Kitaura
Cristina Konjevich
Joe Kral
Dick Lampman
Rob Lawrence
Debbie Leos
Kay Lichtenwalter
Linda Liebes
Andrew Liu
Robin Locklin
Rhonda Louie
Loretta Lovingood
Rich Marconi
Gina Massey-Parnis
Shirley McFadden
Molly Megraw
Raakhee Mistry
Jim Nunes & Facilities staff
Hans Obermaier
Thorsten Obermaier
Ian Osborne
John Otsuki
Gina Massey-Parnis
Chandra Patel
Herlinda Perez
Rick Pierce
Lew Platt
Jim Raddatz
Johnny Ratcliff
Cheryl Ritchie
Mike Rodriquez
Penny Rose
Darlene Solomon Bina Shah
Ruth Shavel
Jim Sheats
Bill Shreve
Roger Sperry
Roxann Stephens
Randy Strickfadden
Srinivas Sukumar
Chie Tajima
John Taylor
Jean Tully
Dick Van Gelder
Chuck Untulis
Shalini Venkatesh
Jim Wack
Rick Walker
Hazen Witemeyer
Art Wittke
Sheila Worland
Rosanne Wyleczuk

Appreciation is expressed to the artists, photographers and copyright owners for permission to use their works in the original Walk Through Time — from stardust to us.

Original exhibit panel design and layout by Lisa Otsuki (SOZO)

Original exhibit panels were printed on Hewlett-Packard DesignJet large-format printers

Future of the Walk Through Time — from stardust to us Development and Presentation
The Hewlett-Packard Company has gifted the Walk Through Time — from stardust to us to the non-profit Foundation for Global Community, Palo Alto, California. The Foundation is committed to evolving and sharing the Walk throughout the world.

Financial Support
Significant funding in support of the evolution and distribution of the Walk Through Time — from stardust to us project has been provided by the following:
Hewlett-Packard Company
Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund
Foundation for Global Community

Online Version:
This online version of Walk Through Time — from stardust to us was designed by Jason Ables and a team of people at the Foundation For Global Community that included Richard Rathbun, Anu Anurada, Virginia Fitton, Don Fitton and Pat Sundermeyer.


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